Our comprehensive public research university has vast expertise in a number of disciplines. Our faculty, students and staff have been on the front lines offering their expertise in areas such as public health, emergency preparedness, government policy and educational resources.

Read the Fall 2020 edition ofUalbany杂志。The issue is dedicated to the many Great Danes who are tackling the challenges of the pandemic as a community.

Here's a peek at some of the ways Great Danes are publicly engaged during COVID-19.


  • 公共卫生学院担任卫生卫生部领先学术伴侣的国家部观察研究检查羟氯喹和二十霉素的有效性和副作用。

  • Ken Halvorsen, a senior research scientist at The RNA Institute, is leading a National Science Foundation (NSF) Rapid Response Research (RAPID) project to develop asaliva-based testthat delivers coronavirus results much faster and at much lower cost. Researchers since published an article inScience Advances展示开发快速唾液测试的可行性。

  • The SUNY Research Foundationawarded seed funding到了10个协作的Ualbany研究团队 - 包括来自20瑞典乌克兰盘口个部门和中心的37名调查人员 - 因此他们可以继续他们的工作解决各种与冠状病毒相关的挑战。

  • Associate College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity (CEHC) Professor Jeannette Sutton is leading an ongoing NSF RAPID project tostudy public health officials’ use of Twitterto share COVID-19 information.

  • CEHC Associate Professor Gary Ackerman and graduate student Hayley Peterson瑞典乌克兰盘口研究了挑战和机遇that the COVID-19 crisis presents for terrorist organizations. They were subsequently invited to speak to the TSA and submit a written brief to the U.S. intelligence community.

  • The School of Public Health partnered with the State Department of Health (DOH) and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to研究多系统炎症综合征in children associated with COVID-19.

  • 政府技术中心(CTG)民意调查信息技术领导者来自纽约县和市政府,以确定他们从大流行中学到的内容以及未来可能持有地方政府的内容。CTG分享了它的调查结果政府和技术op-ed题为“纽约州的当地IT领导者应对危机。”


Public Engagement

  • UAlbany与罗素圣人学院和奥尔巴尼县合作举办校园内的分配(POD)疫苗网站,专门针对合作机构的符合条件的雇员。

  • 工程学院和应用科学和CEEHC组装志愿者团队manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE)for frontline medical workers using 3D printers.

  • Ualbany托管了两个国有的网站drive-through diagnostic testingandwalk-through vaccinations。测试网站是在2020年春季开放时纽约的第一个。

  • Several of UAlbany’s licensed psychologists and mental health experts have volunteered to help with the NYS COVID-19 emotional support helpline.

  • The School of Education (SOE)启动了Remoteed., a Remote Education Resource Center website, for K-12 teachers. The website, created by SOE faculty, administrators and graduate students, provides Capital Region teachers with education tools and a community of practice.

  • 经济发展管理局奖励300,000美元若干研究基础支持振兴资本瑞典乌克兰盘口地区经济。Sanjay Goel教授的商学院带领该项目。

  • UAlbany offered its campus buses to deliver food to Albany Meals on Wheels’ clients and the Cohoes Senior Center.



  • Ualbany总统HavidánRodríguez和Ualbany研究人员瑞典乌克兰盘口commissioned by Governor Andrew M. Cuomoto lead the state’s research efforts — in coordination with the State Department of Health and Northwell Health — regarding the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on minority populations.

  • Julia Hastings — an associate professor for the Schools of Social Welfare and Public Health — examined how COVID-19 has impactedmental health in the Black communityfrom March 2020 to June 2020, through the lens of racial justice and trauma.

  • 社会学教授Angie Chung与多样性和包容和国际学生和学者服务办公室发起了“Covid-19对纽约国家亚裔/美国学生中的种族归属和福祉的影响”的研究。

  • The School of Public Health and the State Department of Health published an article inAnnals of Epidemiology记录突出的血清学调查substantial racial disparities in infections. Using the survey data, New York estimatedmore than 2 million residentshad been infected by late March.

  • Public Administration and Policy professors Erika Martin and Lucy Sorensen published a report inJAMA Health Forum关于学校关闭对弱势儿童的不成比率的影响以及地区如何support a successful return to the classroomin the fall.

  • Communication Chair Rukhsana Ahmed and her research team are analyzing different ways to communicate public health information to individuals with limited English proficiency, with a focus on the efficacy of COVID-19 prevention YouTube videos. The project is funded by the别善编写创新和实习计划



  • Jennifer Manganello, a professor of Health Policy, Management and Behavior, worked with colleagues across the U.S. to研究面部面膜指导全球各国政府发布。

  • Matthew Crayne的助理教授出版了一篇论文American Psychologistthat, by comparing the leadership styles and responses of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, examines how different ways of thinking predict领导如何处理大流行

  • 公共卫生学院冯(约翰逊)QIAN在Covid-19中帮助Suny Downstate在Covid-19上进行证据的公共卫生视频。



  • 乌萨巴尼的Student Support Team— composed of more than a dozen students from various academic backgrounds — are on the frontlines of the campus’ COVID-19 response, contacting peers who had an positive surveillance test result or exposure to someone presumed positive.

  • 来自五个Quad的两名以上的学生志愿者 - Ualbany的学生志愿者救护车服务 -answered the call for helpin Rockland County to help EMTs keep up with high call volumes during the start of COVID-19.

  • 近1,000名学生们参加了社会福利社区和公共服务计划完成的项目,这些项目从当地食品银行和健康诊所志愿服务,以录制自己阅读奥尔迪坦大道小学学生的阅读书籍。

  • 两所社会福利研究生,Jennifer Casale和Nicole Gardy正在参加“衰老”计划的实习,是帮助老年人和退伍军人stay connected to health care services during COVID-19.

  • 数十名公共卫生学生志愿者或与国家和地方县卫生部门在作战之类的角色中,追踪新案例摄入量,起草指南和咨询,向国会领导人撰写函,协调资源,领先的网络研讨会并收集和组织数据。

  • 乌萨巴尼的Virtual Operations Support Team, a student-led, expert-guided team of volunteers, is helping state and local officials make informed decisions during COVID-19 by observing and reporting on social media trends.